In October 2003, at a time in my life when I had lost my job, I took a love that I had -and turned it into something that I could do for others.  My love for photography goes back as far as I can remember, but it all comes from my Paw Paw. My "Bink"(grandmother) would take me shopping for school clothes, and then as soon as we got to their home, my Paw Paw would make me try on each and every outfit and model it around their 1800's home while he took pictures of me.  It dawned on me recently during a client meeting, that's where it all came from.  My love of the camera actually came from being in front of it. When my mother had(and still has) a fear of cameras, and I had self confidence issues because of asymmetrical facial features, he taught me that I was beautiful... singing the Miss America song every morning when I'd walk into that sausage smelling kitchen. 

My first "gig" was an out of state wedding, the pay: room and board for one night and food!  My first wedding was at night, a candle-lit ceremony, in a duplex living room in Alabama. Not your ideal shooting location. But that day I knew that's what I wanted to do. Spending all day with those families, helping decorate and cook, through all the chaos that comes from wedding days... I fell in love with that chaos. Somehow capturing peaceful and loving moments and beautiful images amongst all that chaos, seeing that final product and smiles on the clients' faces... That's what I love.